Phyllis.Iller encourages you to love your dope, for this is the place where love reigns supreme and growth is key.



We make portraits that feel comfortable, warm, and intimate. Whether solo or in groups, our focus is on the individual truly seeing themselves.

Content Creation

We have extensive experience creating branded photo and video for small businesses. We can help your audience understand your brand through engaging content.


We thrive off of creating good experiences for our clients. We aim to make our video content visual extensions of our portraiture. 

Your DOPE is unlike anything this world has ever seen.


It is worthy of celebration! We provide portrait sessions that are designed to bring out the best in you. Individual, families, best friends, children - we've made beautiful portraits of them all by tapping into what makes each person unique.


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 In Partnership with Spelman College Museum of Fine Art

In Partnership with Spelman College Museum of Fine Art


Your brand deserves DOPE content.


We offer social media packages to help your audience understand your brand through videos and photos that are engagingly intimate. When your consumers relate, your brand prospers. PHYLLIS specializes in high-quality, shareable content that draws the customer in.


Reel for phyllis.iller (Melissa Alexander)

Client: 95th St Tacos

Client: Absolutely Divine Events

 Client: Chamo

Client: Chamo

 Client: Yamin Semali

Client: Yamin Semali

 Client: Craig 'Flux' Singleton

Client: Craig 'Flux' Singleton