Tracee Ginyard, Atlanta

"It's an honor to have a Phyllis Iller piece and video. Her art, creative work is like no other."

Brooke Brimm, Atlanta

"Melissa captured & edited my retreat! I love, love, love her work! She is an amazing artist, photographer, videographer & person. I feel extremely blessed to have her artistry touch my event! Phyllis Iller is amazing!!!"


Goldi Gold, Atlanta

"Her ideas and creative process become a perfect output for her subject matter that become the theme at the end of her lens. The end results. Nothing but confirmation & happiness!!"

Craig Singleton, Atlanta

"Always puts her best foot forward and gets a great result!!!"


Marvin Slade, Atlanta

"She's very professional and extremely gifted in the way she shoots. She has a talent for turning day to day things into unique works of art. If you're looking for quality artistic visual talent Phyllis is your girl!"

Ramona Jackson, Atlanta

"Headshots turned out amazing. She worked through my anxiety and made adjustments for everything that could possibly happen (crazy morning fog and a 6 foot tall subject seeking a full body photo). Uber professional and service is impeccable."